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About this edition

         Hi everyone! We are excited to show you the new April edition of The Scoop! You may be wondering what the meaning of the cover of this edition is. Well, in April the International Day of Arts is celebrated worldwide. And for those who didn’t know this fact, The Roman Empire was also founded in April! So we thought, what if we combine The Roman Empire and the arts?  We believe that art can be expressed in many different ways, and one of them  is throughout The Scoop- That’s why we’d like to thank everyone who participated in this project to bring The Scoop - a form of art- to life. We truly hope you enjoy this edition, and remember, our doors are always open for everyone!


The Scoop team 

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Special thanks to:

María del Rosario Concha

Foreign Languages Department



Gabriela Low 

Ninth grade

All the girls that participated !

Catalina Varela

Juan Camilo Roa